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Hockey Skills Camps and Trainers.  
There are a lot of people advertising their training capabilities all over the internet.  We have compiled a list of these individuals that we have used or trust. If you have others that you would like to have added to the master list; please submit them and we will.   I am going to break these down into what the organization is mostly known for.

Power Skating:
Kim Muir Power Skating - https://kimmuirpowerskating.com/
Suzy Sanitate Power Skating - http://sanitatespowerskate.com/
Swinton Power Skating - https://www.swintonpower.com/

Skills & Puck Handling
Rich Mihelic Motor City Hockey - https://www.motorcityhockey.com/
Turcotte Hockey - https://www.turcottehockey.com/
Players Edge - Players Edge

Unique Breed Goaltending - https://www.uniquebreedgoaltending.com/
Future Pro Goalie School - http://futurepro.com/

Please if you have other creditable trainers/companies, please let us know.