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How to properly get a release from a hockey team in Michigan?

You might be in an unfortunate situation where you need to get a release from a team, there are many reasons why parents might request a release from a team. I don't believe anyone signs up to play for a team not expecting to finish out the season. However, events happen and situations arise that might change that view as the season goes on. This article is to help get you all of the information to get a release in one easy place for Michigan players.

What many families don't realize is a release isn't always initiated by the player or player's family; a team can also request a release. Very unlikely but teams can also release a player.

In Michigan, they follow USA hockey as most do. Michigan's district/affiliate rules and bylaws are run by Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA). In order to get a release, all the rules are set forth by MAHA. If you want to skip the article and just read their rules here are the 2019-2020 MAHA Rules & ByLaws.

When doing a release there are a few important dates that you should be aware of: