Important Information for Setting up a Youth Hockey Practice Plan!
Practice plans for our Youth Hockey Team is my Passion, I love the development aspect of Hockey Practices. Being able to influence on young athletes and watch them practice a skill, and then execute that skill in a game is awesome and very much rewarding. Practice Plans are the core of development for a youth hockey team; there are a lot of items that go into creating a practice plan multiple days a week. Today I am going to discuss some of those items that are important to remember before you start putting pen to paper or mouse to application.
How to properly get a release from a hockey team in Michigan?

You might be in an unfortunate situation where you need to get a release from a team, there are many reasons why parents might request a release from a team. I don't believe anyone signs up to play for a team not expecting to finish out the season. However, events happen and situations arise that might change that view as the season goes on. This article is to help get you all of the information to get a release in one easy place for Michigan players.

What many families don't realize is a release isn't always initiated by the player or player's family; a team can also request a release. Very unlikely but teams can also release a player.

In Michigan, they follow USA hockey as most do. Michigan's district/affiliate rules and bylaws are run by Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA). In order to get a release, all the rules are set forth by MAHA. If you want to skip the article and just read their rules here are the 2019-2020 MAHA Rules & ByLaws.

When doing a release there are a few important dates that you should be aware of:

The Ultimate how to pack for a Youth Hockey Travel Tournament List!

Going out of town and getting your house prepared and animals taken care of etc is always a bit stressful. In our household we always leave our house freshly cleaned so when we get home we only have to deal with putting away what we brought. It works for our family and might for everyone else. The main point of this blog is to help everyone remember all the items that you need to pack for your hockey tournament. Our list is broken down into segments: Hickey Game Items, Clothes, Toiletries, Travel Items, Food & Beverages, Hotel Kids Items, and Hockey Coach Items.

I myself help coach our team, most of the tournaments each coach has a responsibility to make sure we have something for the team; we usually just send out a text and make sure all the items below are accounted for so we don’t get to the rink unprepared for the weekend.

Before we get to the list I want to talk about a few do’s and dont’s. Some hotels, especially ones very close to rinks are usually ok with kids playing in the hall, playing mini sticks, ect. Some however are not, we always call the hotel a few days before we are going to see what their policies are; its no fun showing up the first day and getting reprimanded for the kids playing in the halls ect. If the hotels are not ok with it, we ask them for a complimentary meeting room; normally most hotels have these and these are great for the kids to hang out as a group in and play all sorts of games. Be respectful and the hotel personnel will steer clear of your group.

Adult Beverages are also a big question mark depending on if your in the US or in Canada. We always recommend our team’s families to bring full koozies to cover up any cans, or poor the beverages into a normal cup. Don’t bring unwanted attention to your group!

Below is a master list that we have compiled over the years that makes our job easier to get packed and out the door.

What is AAU (Amatuer Athletic Union) Mite Hockey in the United States?

AAU (Amatuer Athletic Union), what is it?

Amatuer Athletic Union is involved with many more sports than just Hockey. AAU sports is involved in almost every youth sporting program such as Badminton, Baseball, Baton, Twirling, Basketball, Cheerleading, Diving, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Judo, Jump Rope, Karate, Kung-Fu, Pickleball, Soccer & Futsal, Strength Sports, Surfing, Swimming, Taekwondo, Track and Field, Trampoline and Tumbling, Volleyball, wrestling, and more. At is roots, AAU is a non-profit, volunteer sport even organization that is shared by 700,000 members and 150,000 volunteers across 55 U.S. districts.

If you are playing any sport that is being goverened by AAU then a membership will be required. In order to participate in an AAU event you will need the membership; with the membership is included Insurance for the Athlete, also available is Insurance for Non-Athlete's as well including adminstrators, bench personnel, coaches, instructors, managers, officials, team leaders, tournament directors, volunteers and more.

AAU Hockey, what is it?